The Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits

By | October 25, 2008

This article was originally written by Peter Johnson and appeared here Saturday Oct 25, 2008 as “Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Fact of Fiction”

There are a lot of things being said about the apple cider vinegar diet. Some people say that it is just like many diets that are out there. Apple cider vinegar diet, as some state, is just a fad. They say that there is nothing good in the diet. However, the apple cider vinegar health benefits, should not be dismissed. Not only does it actually help in weight loss, it also offers many benefits for the health.

The apple cider vinegar, as the name implies came from the juice of the apple. The apples are crushed using special machines and after getting the juice, sugar and yeast are added for fermentation process. In this method, alcohol is changed into acid and this gives the apple cider vinegar its properties and taste.

Apple cider vinegar is available almost anywhere in the market and is very popular for cooking due to its wonderful taste and flavor. And besides that, it also has various advantages.

In history, apple cider vinegar was discovered in the pottery of the ancient Egypt. It was believed that the apple cider vinegar’s acidic properties were able to increase metabolism, as well as put away excess fat. But that was history. At this day and age, it is a known fact that it is not true. Constant exercise is the only way to burn fat, and apple cider vinegar has nothing to do with it.

Two to three teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal is the recommended intake. Some people, however find it difficult to do this because of the strong acidic taste of the vinegar. There are many other alternatives in order to consume apple cider vinegar such as including it in the salad dressing, as salad is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Apple cider vinegar diet has various health benefits mainly because of pectin, which is good for the prevention of mouth ailments and sore throats. Its acidic properties help clean the digestive track as well as get rid of the calcium deposits in the blood vessels and joints. Phosphorous on the other hand is good for the prevention of the bacteria that causes acne and wound. Potassium is also present in apple cider vinegar which is essential for the muscle growth especially for children.

There are criticisms about the apple cider vinegar diet, one is that it does not really work and has no real effects. To say that the diet has no ‘real’ effect is wrong. Actually, apple cider vinegar diet together with honey is popular for many people for its benefits. Although losing weight is not the main part of it.

Apple cider vinegar diet alone without any exercise will not guarantee weight loss. Limitation of calorie intake and enough exercise are necessary, combined with the apple cider vinegar diet is the best.

Remember, apple cider vinegar diet is not advisable for everyone. Other individuals are not comfortable with it, others are. There is nothing wrong in trying apple cider vinegar diet. It has many health benefits and it is cheap.

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